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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 30, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> i know. >> we need to cool off. >> tucker barnes, labor day is right around the corner but summer is sticking with us. hot is the key word. high temperatures back in the mid-90s. so hope you've gotten used to it as we have more heat in the forecast. we'll talk temperatures right now. not a bad start to the morning as we're seeing temperatures rise into the 70s here in town. we're 76 degrees. even 60s this morning. hagerstown still 69. we had a beautiful weekend, a lot of sunshine both saturday and sunday and that is the case today as this area of high pressure will suppress any shower and or thunderstorm development as it's very, very slow to push on out. so the weather pattern going to be slow to change, but if you like sunshine and the examinery temperatures you're going to like the next couple of days, featuring heat.
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a lot of sunshine and under a code orange air quality. plenty of water if you're working out door this is afternoon. we'll look at hurricane earl coming up in a few minutes. wisdom. >> all righty. well there is a traffic alert for i-66. you'll notice a new traffic pattern on the eastbound lane at the beltway. crews have shifted traffic through a new bridge over the weekend but starting at 9:30, the left exit from 66 to 495 will shut down and be closed for the rest of the day while crews finish their work. one of the big stories we're watching this morning, early voting for the d.c. prior airy election has -- primary election has started and the gap for the mayor seems to be widening. stacy cohan is live where things have been i have busy. >> reporter: busy is not even an appropriate word any more.
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it is full on mayhem election pandemonium out here. primary day has arrived early in washington, d.c. i can tell you, look around at the crowds. we have five bull horns out here. voters are greeted by scores of campaign workers out here. mayor fenty arrived within the last half an hour. when he came, his supporters who have been here since 4:00 a.m. cheered loudly. he is horse from all of the campaigning but he took a moment to talk to us. we asked him about his underdog status in light of the recent polls showing him 17 points behind gray and here is what the mayor had to say in response to that poll. >> we've been incumbent for four years and kind of the front runner and now if my opponent is the front runner for 15 days, let's see what happens when the tough questions are asked about him and his record as well.
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>> now if you're coming down, the poles are open here until 7:00 in the evening. quickly i want to give you some information this saturday, there are polls opening elsewhere. on saturday september 4th. two polls, one in northwest and northeast washington. and back here live, if you are coming down here, be prepared for quite a lot of activity. there are a number of police officers on hand. fourth street is shut down in front of judiciary square and you can not park almost anywhere within a couple of block location because of all of the campaigning activities. we'll continue to cover this developing story. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. back to you. and d.c. is rolling out new electronic voting machines and it looks like so far so good. they feature touch-screen
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monitors and give a chance for voters to review and change their ballot. for the primary and the results on september 14th, you can do that on our website at wis dom. five years later and the scenes are hard to accept as happening here in the united states. it was on this day in 2005 that the levees began to fail in new orleans and parts of the crescent city were submerged in feet of water. and to this day some of the neighborhoods have yet to recovery fully. but as new orleans looks back to remember, it is also doing the best to move forward. we're going to talk about some things they are working on now. rick soreno is the fema deputy administrator, joining us now live. rich, and you were just down in that region? >> yes. >> tell me what things were like now. talk to me about what you saw
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down there? >> i just got back from visiting on the gulf coast and what has impressed me is the people and the resiliency and how they fought to come back. and also in seeing how the built have rebuilt and it's taken the whole community to rebuild the gulf coast. >> now we were reading that back when president bush was in the office, and brown was running fema, there was disconnect about what was going on down this and what was going on in washington, d.c. how were things changed with that in terms of fema and the president and making sure that we are on the same page. >> that's one of the things we learned about coming out of the gulf coast and katrina. and fema is a just a positive team and it's a whole community effort and it's bringing together the state and local governments. and we'll be there to support the state and locals. we were incorporating the private sector and what they can do, how they are part of
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the team and also looking at how to bring in the faith-based communities in the nonprofit groups, following sen see. i was there and seeing the tremendous work people did in tennessee and the volunteers coming in to help the community, same thing after alaska, going out there and watching the work of bringing people together. but that's part of the team. but probably the most important part is the public and how we can look at the public as being an integral part of the team and how they were able to come together and help each other. because it's really about neighbor helping neighbor. >> and we were down there doing coverage down in new orleans and there were people angry at the government about how slow the response is. and so there is a trust issue here where you had some people that don't trust or still won't discussion how the state
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government helped them out in a time of need. how can we convince them the government will be there to help? >> it's not just government. i think that's bun thing -- that's one thing we looked at differently. >> it's a team effort. >> it's a team effort. and neighbor helping neighbor. and we see that time and time again. whether it's a flood or snowstorm. if someone is prepared and you're taking care of your family and you have a plan and you're informed about what is going on, you can go next door and next door you have an elderly neighbor and if they need help or if the power is out check on them to make sure they are okay. and then next door there may be a single parent with two or three kids and you check on them and make sure they are going to be all right. and if they have some cheering and some food, it makes a difference. and down the street there may be a family with a disabled child and now if you do that,
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you take care of yourself and your family and now you've helped three others and that helps taken the burd on off the local first responders helping people who may be injured. we look at the first priority of saving lives and keeping the people and community safe and getting the supplies they need and those are the things we're looking at. but we have to do this as a team. it can't be government at the federal or state and local gevil doing it. >> and five years later, still a lot of work it be done. how do we move to get things back to normal in the city of new orleans? >> across the gulf, it's the resiliency of the people. over 1 million volunteers have gone down to help rebuild the community. it will take a while. the federal government has given mississippi $3 billion in assistance to get back on the
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road. we're continuing to do that. the president just announced to the recovery school district in new orleans, there are $2 billion going there. so a lot of money there asking for the government to complete everything. >> thank you for coming in to talk to us. pepco faced a lot of criticism after a series of powerful storms left customers in the dark sometimes for days at a time. now the customers get to they're their frustration. and dozens of students head back to school today and then that comes just as the secretary of education is calling for grades for teachers. why the union said that's not fair, coming up. and a live look outside.
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pepco customers who want to have their say about recent power outages can take complaints straight to the top tonight. recently the company announced a series of changes to prevent future widespread outages. the maryland public service commission is holding a hearing tonight. that begins at 6:00 at the montgomery county council office building on maryland avenue in rockville. that information is on our website at just look under web links. president barack obama is tackling iraq and the middle east this week. he's giving a national address on the pull-out from iraq tomorrow night. and then he sits down with israeli and palestinian leaders at the white house. but as doug luzader reports, it may come at a price. >> reporter: the president is going to speak from the oval office tomorrow about the iraq drawdown and try to jump start mideast peace talks.
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but that means the most important topic for voters right now may take a backseat. the move is already well underway. battle scared u.s. combat forces heading out of iraq. president obama will no doubt talk about u.s. success when he speaks from the oval office tomorrow. but on the ground, any optimism is tempered by a reality. >> if the right political leadership does not develop, the military may by forced to take over. if they start going toward chaos. that is the fear we have to be careful about. >> the president will barely have time to catch his breath before posting peace talks between leaders. >> i'm sure parties will meet this week and agree to meet again. and in the court of international diplomacy, you can spend that as a victory. i believe that's what they'll say. >> but the white runs a -- the white house runs a risk. jobs and the economy are the top issue. and the president may lose
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whatever momentum his administration has been trying to build. >> i think for a while in the spring, the democrats were hopeful that they weren't getting -- that they were getting good jobs and they could blunt the edge of the bad economy and also limit loves in november. that won't happen now. >> and before the president oval office address tomorrow, he'll travel to fort bliss, texas, to meet with u.s. troops there. doug luzader, fox news. we may get a better idea today of how many people attended the big rallies in d.c. this past weekend. metro may have ridership figures from saturday ready to release today. a huge -- crowds likely to have gathered. speeches by beck and other conservatives stayed away from overtly political themes and most of the crowd heeded beck's call not to bring political
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signs. and thousands came out to a rally where the martin luther king monument is being built. it's back to school for howard, montgomery and charles counties and there is a focus on early education. officials will hold a news conference at twinbrook elementary in rockville. they'll release the montgomery county pre-k program and how it might be used as a model worldwide. >> you close the achievement gap by starting early and offsetting the issues of language and literacy and numbers, getting them in with a good teacher and giving them plenty of time and, guess what, you'll get a good return on your investment and they're last, go through and take the
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i.b., a.p. classes and graduate from college in six years if you follow the plan. >> that was jerry wiest joining us this morning. and a reminder we have all of your back to school information for maryland, d.c. and virginia on our website at you'll find everything you need under the hot topics bar on the home page. and nationwide there is a push for education reform. arnie dungeon said it is necessary to those -- necessary to raise those scores. molly henenberg reports. >> reporter: those who teach well should earn bonuses. that is what duncan is asking for to raise help for children. >> that is what we have to do.
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>> reporter: the los angeles times published the performance rates of 6,000 california teachers. >> teachers want to get better. it shouldn't take a newspaper to give them that data. >> reporter: randy wine garden from the american federation said disclosing teacher performance to the public goes too far and leaves a lot of room for undetermination. >> this is a prediction and assumption and they used it in isolation of everything else. >> the race to the top initiative seeks to encourage schools to raise the bar by rewarding them with millions in grants. washington, d.c. with a district with -- was a district with some of the lowest test scores in the nation is now giving merit pay to the best teachers. >> we'll be able to pay the most effective teachers in the district twice as much as they used to be paid. >> the obama administration
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attempt at reform is backed by $100 million in stimulus money. molly henenberg, fox 5 news. and one local high school team put on a show on the national stage coming up next. plus he claims he's james' biological father. we'll tell you about this after the break. straight ahead, holly is live in gain with talented gymnasts. and that brings us it to our trivia question. who was the first woman to appear on the box of wheaties? >> i think i know the answer but i'm not telling. >> you can't tell. >> tucker knows the answer too. >> we'll be right back. back to school means back to busy mornings.
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making headlines this morning, baseball legend roger clemers is expected to be in federal court in the district today. he'll be arraigned on charges that he lied to congress about using steroids. he was dialed earlier this month -- he was indicted on five counts. he told a congressional committee that he never used performance-enhancing drugs. he could face 15-20 months behind bars. and a d.c. lawyer lisa brice is suing lebron and his mother for millions main maining that gloria james tampered with evidence that he is the father. it is said they met back in 1984 and had unprotected sex and found out she was only 15 and he was pregnant. she was 29. skins fans have reason to worry as the season gets near. don't they always. donovan mcnabb will miss the
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final preseason game against the cardinals on thursday due to an ankle injury. there is also talk he could sit out the season opener against the hated dallas cowboys the next week. mcnabb's status is said to be day-to-day. and injury to clinton portis is not considered serious. talking about high school football. good counsel facing st. xavier. xavier, albert's pass is intercepted by mike jefferson. he looks like he shot out of a cannon. look at those legs and fees. they take it 56 yards for the touchdown. good counsel rallies to beat xavier 21-6. and a reminder the fox 5 game of the week is back. go to and vote for your favorite. we'll live at the winning matchup on friday.
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and friday may be when parts of the atlantic feel effects of hurricane earl now hitting islands in eastern cashan. >> that's right. already making a dangerous riptides in the ocean. and lauren demarco is back with the traffic alert coming up. my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain. that helps keep them full so they can focus on the day ahead. keeps 'em full... keeps 'em focused.
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early votes in the may youral race in d.c. is underway. people can go to the polls until 7:00 p.m. early voting will also be availal at four different centers on saturday. you can register and cast your ballot on the same day. the primary is september 14th.
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you can follow primary results on our website at five years later and the 2nd bases are still hard to accept as happening here in the united states. it was on this day in 2005 that the levees began to fail in new orleans. and part of the crescent city was submerged in water. and to this day some neighborhoods have yet to recover. but as new orleans looks back to remember, the city is doing it's best to move forward. >> craig bosswell has more now from new orleans. [ music ] >> reporter: new orleans has sold and the beat has returned along bourbon street. but five years ago the streets on the vettent city -- on the crescent city were different. >> no one who was a part of
9:30 am
katrina can be uneffected by it. >> reporter: as water fills 80% of water, it brought images of bodies and elderly with nowhere to go. >> they said they buried katrina. no people buried people all over. if you're going to live with katrina the rest of your life. >> reporter: they shared feelings during a morning service. >> we believed in our culture and in each other. >> reporter: the president shared his vision for the next five years. >> together we are helping to make new orleans a place that stands for what we can do in america. [ music ] not just for what we can't do. ultimately that must be the legacy of katrina. >> we're going to continue in this community and make sure that the next five years are much, much better than these
9:31 am
five years. may god bless everyone. >> that was craig bosswell reporting. and now to the current activity out there. hurricane danielle is out to sea but not before bringing a dangerous rip current over the weekend. 250 people were rescued from riptides in ocean city saturday alone. police right now are still looking for a man reported missing while swimming in the area. he and three other pen went in the water after the life guards left for the day. you have to heed those warnings. >> earl is going to play a part in our weather this week and we have the potential for more strong surges along the eastern shows. >> so be very k. it's going to be hot. our high temperatures today mid- 90s. soon enough it will be close and everybody will be
9:32 am
complaining. 79 right now at reagan national. we're starting the warm up. another hour or two before we are near 90. 77 in gaithersburg. 80 in winchester. 72 in culpeper. and good morning in fredericksberg, 77 down there. 79th in leonardtown. so you get the idea. upper 70s right now. for out door plans go for it, as high temperatures jumping even more than normal. and today it was hot and mid to upper 90s in a couple of spots. very quiet weather pattern. high pressure anchored across the washington area. clear skies from the carolinas up into new england and the next several days the area of high pressure not moving a whole lot. so bright and sunny for much of the week and high temperatures in the mid-90s and overnight lows in the upper 60s and 70s. so our forecast is simple. we have to keep a close eye on the tropics.
9:33 am
it is parked here across the northern lee ward islands. a few hours ago we had the hurricane warning extended to the u.s. virgin islands and a -- and puerto rico. off the peninsula island on thursday and friday. and we'll see how close to shore it tracks. but i can pretty machine -- and you can see we get a look. you can see an eye start to develop across the lee ward islands. that is another signal this is intensifying. barometric pressure down to 960 bars.
9:34 am
and 96 degrees, winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, if you look sunshine and you like heat, you're going to love the next five days. 96 this afternoon, 95 tomorrow, wednesday 95. i threw some clouds in the forecast toward the end of the week, not sure how and where earl are track. but it's likely or the possibility that there will be clouds and lightly schooler weather toward the end of the week. >> and maybe a few showers? >> the further east you go. toward its ocean. >> i changed my mind, i love heat. the hotter the better. >> he grew up in jackson, mississippi, so he knows about heat. >> bring it on. i love it. i love the heat. >> thank you, wiz. i hope you like traffic. we have plenty of it and some things driver need to be aware of, right, lauren? we want to talk about issues traveling 66 inbound
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approaching the beltway. there is a heads up for you folks tonight because right now klees are slowing the h.o.v. klee -- right now the left h.o.v. exit lanes will be shut down and you need to stay to the right a. long with the closure there is a lane shift following the work done over the weekend so anticipate delays there. they were starting to move the camera, looking at that work. and right now seeing some slow traffic. here we have approaching the beltway off and on from nutley street so give yourself extra time if you're headed inbound on 66 throughout the day. to know more about this, head to and look under the traffic tab. we have a link on the all of the big virginia road projects. back over to you. higher rates are in effect during the morning rush hour
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for met rae rail riders. a new peak of the peek cost an extra 20 cents. riders have been paying the fee during the afternoon rush and the rules are changing on how you pay your smart trip fare. a dmv problem effects licenses and i.d.s, an if your license expired between last wednesday and today. go to and that is all important, because i've been at dmv without that document. >> so whether it's a long day at the dmv or a hard day on the job. if you're looking for a new furry friend we'll meet some
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pets up for adoption. >> and the long labor day weekend is coming up but not too late to cash in on vacation deals. and our trivia question of the day. who is the first woman to appear on the a box of wheaties? gurvir and i think we both know the answer. we're guessing at it. we'll be right back. 
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people trying to hang on to the vacation as long as they can on this august 30th, monday, as we rook at the facing's capital. labor day is just around the corner. it's not too late. >> if you have still have time to get to the vacation, we have a lot to tell you about. we're going to tell you about how to get the vacation deals
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at the last-minute. >> reporter: planning last- minute travel, usually means high fees and few options. but that may not be the case as summer winds down. labor day is the least expensive time of the summer to travel. average round trip domestic airfare is cheap considering how expensive it's been this summer. >> reporter: industry experts recommend booking flights and hotels at the same time. when choosing a return flight, they suggest considering tuesday instead of monday. and to save even more, you may want to skip the airfare altogether and drive to a destination near your home. >> the hotel rates are just as low as 2009 and that's great because you can find a lot of deals for couples and families and singles. so you don't need to hop on a plane to have a great labor day getaway. >> reporter: for the last- minute driving vacations, travelo city recommends checking out some of the top
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secret hotel deals. >> you don't get the name of the hotel property until after the booking process is complete but you get 45% off rates. >> reporter: brenda butner, fox news. and now a very special and touching remembrance. >> coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, we'll show you how new york firefighters honored those who faced disaster at the pentagon. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have perhaps some olympians in the macing here as we are live at elegances gymnastics in gaithersburg. the specialty is rhythmic gymnastics and we are seeing some of the best of the best. coming up, we'll tell you why the moto is begin here and go anywhere. it's all live on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
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when a plane slammed into the pentagon on 9/11, fire crews from all over the region came to help. the scene was overwhelming and
9:46 am
the magnitude of what had happened was impossible to fathom in those moments. but nine years later, it is clear a dozen of new york city firefighters have come to arlington bearing a special gift. tisha thompson shows us why a piece of metal means so much to so many. >> reporter: as he grabbed his daughter's hand, assistant chief tim butters tried to explain when she was just two months old. >> we talked about the memorial service today and remembering the folks here in washington and the pentagon new york who were killed on 9/11. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 people came to watch a parade as the arlington county fire department was presented with a piece of steel from the north tower of the world trade center. >> we were able to hand-pick a piece, so we searched for many hours looking through the rubble. but this piece we found to be just very painful. >> reporter: arlington county fire chief james swartz said they will use the steel to
9:47 am
build a memorial at fire station number five. >> a latter truck arrived at the pentagon less than two minutes after dispatch. whatever we do with the memorial will be what memorials are supposed to do and that is center people's attention on the memories and those that were here and sacrificed and so we wanted to have some meaning. >> reporter: as the names of those who died were read aloud, assistant chief butters quietly took in the names of the firefighters who died in new york. >> just to see the names and the units that they're assigned to and some of the -- for example, ray downey, who i knew, it just really kind of was very sobering. >> reporter: nun like his sister, christopher said he remembers 9/11. >> i remember they didn't tell us anything in school because they didn't want us to freak and about ten kids out of the class got taken home that day. >> reporter: chris said his
9:48 am
father's job does worry him that he could be the next student called out of class. >> seeing him run out of the door for a fire scares me. >> reporter: and that's why this firefighter admitted he held on to his kids a little tighter this day. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> the arlington county fire department said they are launching a search for an artist to create a memorial that incorporated the steel from the world trade center and pieces of the pentagon. and pets enrich our lives in so many ways. they provide unconditional love and if you're look for a companion, we have you covered with pets in need of loving homes. joining us, paw rescue. vicki and susan, thank you both for being here. and you brought along a dog and a cat. >> we have everybody covered. for those folks that like the felines and then those that
9:49 am
like the doggies. >> susan, who do you have? >> i have toe. this is one of sheila's boys. he's about six months old now. he's been fully vetted and he's ready to go to a new home and if anybody knows anything about orange cats, they have a great personality. they are very friendly. and normally they are male. and his mother had five boys and one girl. >> and he has his motor running this morning. so he's in a good place checking things out. and summertime is always busy in terms of the number of cats and kittens that are born for you all. >> absolutely. >> so hopefully somebody will see him and know he has two brothers at home waiting for him. >> good. >> all right. and bandit is with you, vicki. and he's a little shy. he's been nervous, but tell me about him because he's a cutie. >> we got him from west virginia. he was found as a stray. and he's about a year and a
9:50 am
half years old and he's -- i believe he's probably a mixed lab. but he's very gentle. he would be good with small kids in, an active home and he's just waiting for a home. >> he's still young. he's only about a year or so old. so he would need somebody with a little bit of patient to work through the puppy things that you have to go through. >> but he's been very good with the cat. >> i noticed that. i noticed he doesn't even seem bothered at all or curious. he's more curious about what is going on back here behind us on the set. and so he's a year old and looking for a home as well. >> right. >> and i know for you fundraising is huge. and what better time of the year to head out to virginia and the beautiful wineyers. you have an event coming up. >> it's on september 19th, a
9:51 am
sunday, barrel oak winery, which is in del la fay, virginia. and we'll have a raffle and lunch and it should be a lot of fun. we're going to have games and contests. and hopefully you'll come out. >> and we'll link people through our website at vicki and susan, thank you for being here and thank you for big the pal as long with you. hopefully somebody will give them a good home. well the athletes at elegance gymnastics school have a lot of success over the summer in rhythmic gymnastics competition, so holly morris is there to morning to learn more about the scoop. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. cam ima is only 10 years old but you are looking at the
9:52 am
reigning olympic national junior champion when it comes to the ribbon. she competed back in june and she took everything and then the silver in the all-around. so she is very accomplished. we are live in gaithersburg. we'll continue to watch camilla but he'll talk to her coach, marina, and some of the other competitors. when it comes to the ribbon, what are the judges looking for? >> they are looking how everything is working. you shouldn't be touching to the floor your ribbon and also looking the the floor. >> reporter: and the costumes are hand made? >> hand made all of them. >> reporter: and i have two ladies that compete as well.
9:53 am
when you're out there competing like camilla is, is it hard? >> yeah. >> reporter: what happens if you mess up? >> you just keep going and try to fix it up a little. >> reporter: that's excellent. and this is lillie. she's our next one to be out there. what is your favorite apparatus? >> i think the ribbon. >> reporter: which is the most difficult? >> probably the ribbon. >> reporter: and marina, i want to bring you back in. and lilia qualified to compete in the national championship and in order to qualify you have to be one of the top 25 in the country so that's a big deal. >> it is a really big deal. it was really hard for us. it was a great achievement and we are very pleased about the results. >> reporter: so let's talk about the club. tell me what the athlete has to think about here and what the judges are looking for.
9:54 am
>> it's mostly balancing routine. many balances and also the tosses. she has to be able to toss well and catch it well. >> reporter: when you are talking in terms of the points, is it just a tenth of a difference in terms of first, second, it's really competitive? >> it's really competitive. it's not even a 10, it's 100s. it's very tight. >> reporter: is it nerve- racking for you as the coach? >> it is. i'm trying to hide it, but it is. >> reporter: i understand. camilla, come on over here. how do you feel about your performance? >> good. >> reporter: how did you feel when you would be and were named national champion? >> i don't know. >> reporter: it's just what you do, right? you felt like all of your hard work paid off? i think so. you looked pretty elegant out there. and one more performer and that is jenna.
9:55 am
she's doing the national championship. and marina, tell me about the hoop. >> hoop is determined by the difficulties. you have to show flexibility and show your balance and you have to be able to leap. so it's -- it's presented by everything possible thing you can show in gymnastics. do you think this sport is getting por and more respect and people are understanding it better. >> i think so. it is growing rapidly in the united states. >> reporter: and do you think we have a future u.s. olympic competitor? >> hopefully. >> reporter: so hopefully we'll see you there as well. being nervous on the side but hiding it all the way. wonderful job girls. is our website. we have a link to elegance gymnastics to find out more. what a beautiful morning it has been. back to you guys. >> thank you, holly. >> i'm officially retired from aniable lettic competition -- athletic competition after
9:56 am
seeing that. and we're back with today's trivia question. and the early d.c. voting, just in, supporters try to step in to help. 
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9:59 am
we're following breaking news from the d.c. board of elections. the site of early voting in the d.c. mayoral primary, our crews just arrived. they fed in video of police having to step in as a supporter of mayor fenty was trying to drown out challenger vincent gray holding a news conference. both campaigns have a large and loud presence outside of the board of elections office. we'll keep following that. here is today's trivia question. who is the first woman to appear on the


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